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How to Say ‘I’m Ready for Rehab’

Nov 20, 2019

For many people, telling loved ones you’re ready for rehab may feel like one of the hardest parts of facing addiction. You may feel overwhelmed by all of the little variables going into that one big communication, from what to say to when to say it. Today, let’s talk about how to approach taking your private decision to the step of making a public announcement about going to rehab.

Telling Family You’re Ready to Get Help

If carefully managed, the choice to tell loved ones you have made a decision to go to rehab can be a fruitful one for everyone involved. While you’re taking an opportunity to share your own goals for rehab, you’re inviting loved ones to understand what’s expected of them and how they can best support you. Your chosen specialists in treatment also can provide guidance in selecting the timing of sharing your news and how you communicate it with the people in your life who matter most.

Planning Your Announcement

Effective communication involves careful planning, and sharing news about going to rehab is no different. The time you put into preparation will help shape the way your message is received by loved ones. Rather than thinking about it as a piece of information, treat it as the first step in a larger experience you’ll be sharing over time.

Sharing Your Rehab Plans

Let’s start by removing any unrealistic expectations about how telling your spouse or child or parent or sibling should sound. No one expects you to be flawless in your communication. The situation is a fluid one so it can vary, depending on how you choose to make your announcement and how your family receives it. But, it’s helpful to have some bullet points in mind to build on as you’re planning what topics to cover.

There are unlimited ways to set up your communication about going to rehab. It could be a meeting time you schedule with loved ones or shared at a dinner or delivered through a written communication first and followed up in person with one family member at a time. Find what works for you!

I’m ready for rehab.

Make your announcement with the intention of explaining what’s been interfering with your health and well-being. You can highlight what your efforts have been to make changes and how they haven’t been successful. Focus on your awareness of what makes this the right decision for you based on what you have learned about rehab so far.

“I am aware of the benefits.”

Explain the specific benefits of what you aim to experience through rehab. Rather than using general language about getting better, consider what parts of your life will improve once you have been to rehab. Whether you’re speaking to an individual or a group, consider how each benefit will impact the people in the room.

“I am aware of the challenges.”

Acknowledge the time away from your family and everything familiar are among the challenges you will be facing. Also, be mindful of how your absence will affect loved ones and prepare for strong emotional reactions. Talking about how communication and visits will look while you’re in rehab could provide some reassurance.

“Here’s what I need from you.”

Invite your family to be people of service in your journey through treatment and recovery. Gaining their support at this stage will set you up for more success in your mission. Define what support from each person involves, and consider what strengths and talents they could offer to bolster you during your time in rehab.

Finding Help During the Process

The caring people in your life want to understand what’s going on, but you may need to enlist the help of others to share your news. Counselors and other professionals can assist in preparing to make your announcement and asking for support. Literature from facilities is designed to provide help, too, by offering topics for discussion and ideas on how to create a safe space for letting your loved ones know your rehab plans.

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