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Men’s Treatment Modalities In Texas

Brain Healing

With years of addiction treatment experience, Origins Recovery Center provides specialized services for men seeking recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders. Our team is dedicated to offering cutting-edge therapies in a safe and tranquil tropical atmosphere. Origins’ dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists, and counselors offer comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment modalities for substance use with a focus on individual and family recovery.


Addiction as a Chronic Health Condition

An addiction is a chronic, neurobiological disease that often coexists with mental disorders and other medical conditions. Origins’ multidisciplinary team of ASAM-certified clinicians treats co-occurring disorders along with substance use. With compassion and care, we design treatment plans that meet the unique needs of every patient. Each of our individual therapies is carefully selected based on rigorous assessments.


Treating Every Dimension of Wellness

Upon entering Origins, you will be guided by medical and clinical specialists through assessments, medical detoxification, and our specialized treatment options. As part of every treatment plan, you will receive medical, physical, psychological, and spiritual care. You will explore your personal issues and barriers to recovery in special group sessions alongside peers from similar stages of life and experiences.

Clinically proven, evidence-based approaches can include the following:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Recreational Therapies

Ongoing Care, Lasting Recovery

We lay the foundation for lifelong recovery and continuing care at Origins through detoxification and residential treatment. Individual counseling sessions, outpatient services, and other levels of treatment may be recommended as part of continuing care.

The foundations of recovery are built at Origins, and our dedicated Alumni Services Team keeps in personal contact with our patients after discharge.

Learn more about our specially designed services and treatment modalities.

Medical Services

Origins’ Medical Team is committed to total wellness, from safe and comfortable detox to the treatment of co-occurring medical conditions . Additionally, our programs were among the first to receive accreditation from the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Visit our Medical Care page to learn more about how we can support all of your medical needs, including complex medical diagnoses.

Gender-separate, Gender-specific Care for Men

At Origins Recovery Center, we are dedicated to providing amazing care for men seeking recovery. Our program is gender-separate, which allows men to have a safe space where they can process their feelings and issues separate from women. This allows them to experience healthy, peer-based support with other men who are also pursuing recovery. Origins’ clinical team is uniquely qualified to provide exceptional care to men of all ages.

Trauma-Informed Care

Men who are struggling to recover often suffer from co-occurring disorders and deeply rooted trauma at the same time. To address these concerns, our highly trained staff provides specialized services to patients who have experienced trauma. We offer a range of modalities to help treat emotional, mental, psychological, sexual, and physical trauma.

Spiritual Care Services

Religious affiliation is not required for Origins Spiritual Care Services – or to find inner peace. A spiritual approach to health reminds those who struggle with substance use that there are forces greater than themselves that can help them recover. To nurture your spirituality, you can also meet regularly with our full-time chaplain.

Continuing Care Planning

Before you step foot on campus, we develop a personalized continuing care plan  that will prepare you for lifelong success. Our clinicians and alumni care coordinators work with you and your family to create a long-term strategy for long-term health and happiness.

Alumni Care

The Alumni Care Team at Origins Recovery Center offers a lifetime of support to patients and their families. We offer in-person and virtual meetings, local, regional, and national events, ongoing phone support, and our own alumni app, Origins Connect.

12-Step Immersion

We incorporate evidence-based clinical and medical care within the classic 12-Step paradigm. The 12-step practice and groups offer our clients direction and support for long-term recovery. We provide these groups for individuals and their families and loved ones. This program has been shown to help people connect with their spirituality. You do not have to be religious or believe in God to participate in the 12-Steps.

Experiential Therapy

Origins Recovery Center provides experiential therapy and group activities as a therapeutic technique to help heal our clients both physically and psychologically. These experiential therapies include stress and anger management, healthy coping strategies, positive community interaction, and reducing isolation, to name a few. Group activities might consist of but are not limited to problem-solving initiatives, trust activities, and outdoor activities.

Family Programming

Struggling with substance use or alcohol affects more than the individual. It also affects loved ones. At Origins Recovery Center, we offer a Family Program designed to help support family members of our clients. Our program includes therapeutic, family-oriented support, open discussions, lessons on healthy coping skills, and guided communication between loved ones and family members. This four-day program is a big part of helping our clients restore healthy methods of communication with the ones they love.


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