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Family Programming


Addiction is a Brain Disease that Affects the Entire Family.

Our Family Program’s clinical philosophy is based on the understanding that addiction is a family disease. Not only is the suffering person hopeless, scared, and frustrated, but so are their friends, loved ones, and family members. Loving someone with a substance use disorder means late nights spent waiting for them to come home and toxic arguments that keep the family in turmoil. Friends and family are often met with hostility when recommending that their loved one seek help. Effective treatment can heal this divide and move your family toward a healthy path.

Origins Recovery Center’s Family Program is a multi-day immersion that delves into the disease of addiction and how it affects the whole family. During this four day experience, our licensed clinicians guide your family to identify the family dynamics that may be supporting your loved one’s addiction.

Your family is not alone on the path to recovery. Origins’ Family Program provides a foundation for lifelong support. Our Family Program is offered free of charge to all families of patients at Origins Recovery Center.

Our addiction professionals are firmly and uniquely committed to:

  • Helping you to understand your loved one’s addiction
  • Helping your entire family heal

Our Family Program provides:

  • Therapeutic, family-oriented support in a confidential group setting
  • Tools to regain a sense of a better life and heal
  • Open discussions in a supportive, safe environment
  • Healthy coping skills to deal with the challenges faced in recovery
  • Guided communication between loved ones and family members

Why a Multi-Day Family Program?

The first step when dealing with a family member who is suffering is to find help and address the substance use disorder. Once the person enters treatment, family and friends may feel relief, believing that “the problem” is being solved. When relief hits, the question, “How did our family get to this place?” quickly disappears. At this point, a critical second intervention must occur: the one on the family system itself. Without including the entire family in the recovery process, your loved one’s opportunity for ongoing recovery diminishes significantly.

Family Involvement Is Welcome

Initial responses to family intervention usually vary. Some are surprised or shocked that they have been singled out as having a problem with drugs or alcohol. Others may be angry and resistant to new ideas. It is crucial that family members understand that their involvement is welcome, and that they deserve recovery as well. Conjoint sessions, education, and multi-family groups can foster a sense of empowerment and healthy communication.

Multi-day Family Programming

Participation in the intensive Origins Recovery Center’s Four-Day Family Program is critical to a loved one’s long-term recovery. The far-reaching ripple effects of your loved one’s addiction must be addressed by the entire family system. Origins’ Family Program is an integral component of restoring healthy methods of communication, levels of trust, elements of self-care, and degrees of intimacy for each individual within the family unit.

Progressive by Design

During our four-day program, insights gained from each previous day gradually build upon each other. Consecutive daily attendance in the Family Program equips each member with the tools and resources needed to identify the ways they have been affected by their loved one’s addiction.

Each session is facilitated by Origins’ family counselors who specialize in dealing with the complex issues of addiction. Proven interventions delivered in multi-family groups can result in an effective and highly engaging experience.

Developing a Plan Together

The comprehensive, four-day family experience is designed to assist our patients and their family members develop a continuing care plan that fits their unique family’s needs. This continuing care plan provides guided passage from the safety of inpatient treatment stay to successful, long-term recovery.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Multiday Family Program

What can I do to support my loved one?
We become better able to understand what is going on in our own families through interaction with other families. Group or individual therapies and support teach us how to develop healthy coping skills that address our needs as well as those of our loved ones.
What is addiction?
Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease characterized by dysfunction in brain circuitry that leads to a pathological pursuit of reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.
I'm not sick. Why focus on me and my family?
Addiction is a far-reaching illness, and everyone deserves recovery. Years of clinical experience have shown that family members and loved ones of the patient often need support to address the ways they have been impacted by substance use.
What is the point of group therapy?
We are able to share our thoughts and feelings and ask questions more openly by exploring the family dynamics of others. Without anger, fear, sadness, and resentment, we see how objective dialogue assists both families and patients as they seek to understand the many different facets of the disease.
Why do I have to come?
Your engagement and involvement in this therapeutic process directly affects the outcome of your loved one’s treatment. The more equipped you are to deal with the forthcoming challenges, the better their chances for sustained recovery.
Which days are the most relevant for me to be there?
Every day is extremely important, and what you learn builds upon the day before. We ask that you commit to full participation for all of the four consecutive days to minimizing disruption to others and maximize your benefits.
How can I get access to a staff member if I have a problem?

Please feel free to call us with any questions at any time at 844-232-3833.

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