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Men’s Residential Treatment In Texas


Men are more likely to develop addiction, are more likely to experience hospitalization or death due to overdose, and they are less likely to admit that they need substance use or mental health treatment. Similarly, men face unique pressures and concerns that can complicate and contribute to addiction. In short, though addiction can be equally devastating for both genders, men experience different challenges during the recovery process.

Gender-Specific Treatment with Male-Oriented Insights

At Origins Recovery Center, we remove the stigma associated with asking for help and provide a safe space where men can find lifelong sobriety. Our highly-credentialed addiction professionals are trained to address deeply rooted issues and clear a path to emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Both personally and professionally, we know that gender-specific treatment can allow men the space they need to open up, relate to one another, and embrace a healthier life. By providing programming designed with men in mind, we can help our patients feel more comfortable as they work to overcome addiction.

Our Treatment Curriculum

Upon admission, our residential treatment curriculum in South Padre Island, TX is tailored to each patient. Men stay in our program for varying lengths of time, depending on their needs and how they progress through treatment.

Treatment for substance use disorders usually begins with detox, during which all traces of alcohol and other drugs are eliminated from the brain and body. We provide state-of-the-art onsite detox that is overseen by our world-class team of doctors and nurses. After physical sobriety is achieved, patients move on to a range of therapeutic activities designed for men seeking recovery.

Our Methods and Modalities

The treatment curriculum of our men’s program was developed specifically for men and their concerns. During this program, men participate in experiential therapies, evidence-based therapies, interventions for trauma, and individual as well as group therapies as they learn to lean on other men for support and accountability. We utilize the timeless 12-Step framework to encourage each person to learn how to be honest about their experiences and feelings. This spiritual and emotional release can make them better sons, partners,  fathers, and friends as they move towards a sober, chemical-free lifestyle.

A Safe, Supportive, Peer-Based Environment

During treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental health concerns, patients need to feel comfortable discussing serious topics—not only in one-on-one meetings with a therapist but in group settings, as well. It is impossible to expect anyone to be completely honest if they don’t feel safe and secure. By fostering a peer-based environment where men can learn to communicate with one another freely, we allow the patients in our men’s program to accept and internalize deeper truths that can motivate them to change.

Our residential program for men creates an atmosphere of trust and support. Origins Recovery Center’s safe and comfortable environment offers a space where destructive patterns are challenged and replaced with constructive behaviors and coping mechanisms. Through gender-specific treatment, each man can discover the honesty and rehabilitation power of a bonded, relatable peer group.

Treatment at Origins Recovery Center focuses on a number of topics that are often better discussed in single-gender settings, including:

  • Codependency and toxic relationships
  • Anger management through the healthy expression of emotion
  • Emotional isolation and trust issues
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Lack of purpose or spiritual disconnection
  • Sexuality
  • Intimacy
  • Grief and loss
  • Post-discharge and continuing care planning

Group and Individual Therapy

Group and individual therapy remain the most effective treatments for a wide range of mental health diagnoses, including substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. At Origins, treatment begins with assessment, and our expert therapists leverage a variety of time-tested and cutting-edge evidence-based modalities during group and individual sessions. Each therapeutic modality is specially chosen to help our patients engage in the meaningful work necessary for each man to recover and find fulfillment.

Along with traditional talk therapy, our group and individual therapies address problematic thought processes and patterns of behavior. These modalities help men change their response to stress and nurture the strengths that support recovery.

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
• Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
• Motivational Interviewing

Evidence-based Interventions for Healing

Every plan for recovery at Origins begins with a comprehensive assessment which gives our treatment team crucial information about each man’s mental health and personality. From there, we select therapeutic modalities designed to target the core issues unique to their case. These interventions are proven to impact a person’s potential to for sustained recovery.

• Mindfulness training
• Neurofeedback
• Biofeedback


Trauma Therapy for Men

Despite messages in the media, men also suffer from trauma. Whether from abuse, neglect, or through experiences such as serving as a first-responder or participating in combat, both trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder can have a lasting impact on a person’s health and wellness. We offer neurological interventions, such as neurofeedback and biofeedback, as well as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for trauma. Everyone on our entire campus—from our Clinical Director to our housekeeping staff—is trained on how to create a trauma-informed environment.

Experiential Therapies

Without a man’s active participation, there’s no progress on the path to sobriety. Our experiential therapies include problem-solving games, teamwork, improvisation, and other tangible actions to get our patients involved in recovery on a physical level. Experiential therapy is a core component of Origins Recovery Center’s programming because these techniques allow participants to connect with their bodies and feel less inhibited. Our Wellness Coordinator also takes advantage of easy access to the beautiful natural resources of South Padre Island, Texas.


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Origins Recovery Center offers a full range of services for adult men, from detoxification and residential treatment through transitional programming and outpatient care. Participants in our men’s program also receive specialized continuing care services. We work closely with you and your family to ensure that you have a sustainable plan in place for long-term recovery. We know that you can heal from addiction and live a life of abundance. Our team is ready to make this possibility a reality.

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