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Hanley Foundation Acquires Origins Behavioral HealthCare

Dec 10, 2023

A New Era for Recovery: Hanley Foundation Acquires Origins Behavioral HealthCare, Promising Unrivaled Support

Hanley Foundation proudly announces the acquisition of Origins Behavioral HealthCare, marking a momentous stride in its mission to eliminate addiction through prevention, advocacy, treatment, and recovery support. The agreement encompasses all Origins locations across Texas and Florida, including Hanley Center in West Palm Beach. It represents a united commitment to provide hope for individuals, families, and communities.

“We humbly recognize the significance of this extraordinary opportunity, said Chip James, Board Chairman of Hanley Foundation. “In this era of commercialization of medicine, it is rare, perhaps unheard of, for an addiction treatment facility to go from nonprofit to for-profit and back to nonprofit again. Our board of directors, management team, and medical and operational staff are deeply committed to the success of this big step toward eliminating addiction.”

This acquisition is not just a strategic move; it represents a deeply personal journey for the founders of Hanley Center. Reuniting the Hanley Foundation with the Hanley Center encapsulates a narrative coming full circle, reigniting the spirit and dedication that originally fueled the founders’ mission.

Mary Jane Hanley, co-founder of both Hanley Center and Hanley Foundation said, “At its 40-year milestone, nothing could make me happier than witnessing the reunification of Hanley Foundation and Hanley Center. You find great reward in helping others, especially if you walk down their path. It brings me comfort knowing that the original mission Jack Hanley and I, in partnership with the community, envisioned for the organization will be fulfilled for many years to come.”

The transition from a for-profit to a nonprofit structure marks a significant transformation for Origins Behavioral HealthCare and Hanley Center, organizations that have stood at the forefront of excellence in addiction treatment for many years. This monumental change holds immense potential, empowering the new entity to expand its reach and impact while offering essential care and support to a wider spectrum of individuals in need.

“Creating a full continuum of care, from prevention to treatment and offering innovative job training programs that teach applicable life skills, is key to revolutionizing the treatment industry and breaking the cycle of addiction,” added Dr. Rachel Docekal, CEO of Hanley Foundation. “We aim to change the conversation, fill the treatment gaps, establish a robust recovery community, and offer the support needed for individuals to live a life of possibility and purpose.” Docekal also emphasized gratitude for the level of quality care achieved under Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s present owners, TRT Holdings of Dallas, Texas.

“We know that Origins will be in great hands with the dedicated leadership of Hanley Foundation,” stated Jim Caldwell, Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s President and CEO. “Our shared approach to individual and family care, combined with the Foundation’s commitment to prevention and community-building, will bring the organization forward in a way that our entire team can be proud of.”

Rachel Docekal and Skip James

About Hanley Foundation:

Hanley Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to substance use prevention, advocacy, recovery support, and access to quality treatment. With a legacy built on compassion and commitment, the Foundation continues to expand its support to individuals, families, and communities affected by substance use disorders.

  • Hanley Foundation currently employs 82 staff members. The Foundation will be acquiring an additional 272 staff members through the acquisition.
  • Hanley Foundation will now have the ability to provide substance use addiction and mental health treatment to over 1,000 patients annually.
  • Hanley Foundation provides prevention education programs to over 100,000 students, teachers, and parents annually in 32 counties across Florida.
  • Hanley Foundation provides more than 500 treatment and recovery support scholarships annually.
  • The West Palm Beach recovery location Hanley Foundation has acquired offers age and gender-specific addiction treatment with over 100 beds and an eight-bed residential program specifically for mental health treatment.
  • The acquisition will now allow Hanley Foundation to provide residential and outpatient treatment and specialized programs for men, women, older adults, executives, and professionals.
  • Substance Use Disorders Treated: Alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, opioid and heroin use addiction, prescription drug addiction, benzodiazepine addiction, Meth addiction, Marijuana addiction, and more.
  • Mental Health Disorders Treated: Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Personality Disorders, Process Addictions, and more.


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