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Your Sobriety Is Not For You

Dec 22, 2020

Newell Bentley Alumni Care Coordinator

As I reflected on this past year, I have come to believe that we can still have hope in this year of overall craziness and unknown.

The first holidays with family and friends out of treatment was an immense fear I had.

I still had expectations of what would happen and how everyone in my life would see me. Over time, those fears have diminished or disappeared. This year will again be a little different. Many of us might not be able to have face-to-face events like before in our past. However, nothing in my life has given me more joy and purpose to be present for my family and friends.

In my mind, this year will be no different.

Yes, we will have to make different arrangements and not do things that we have done in the past. Of course, it’s a pandemic. However, the difference between the Recovered person I am now compared to the Hopeless person I once was, is that I will go out of my way and strive to be the person that God has seen fit for me to be and not wait for the right opportunity to show itself.

This year has put a lot of doubt on things we can’t do, and if we are living in our old ways, we can use this as a reason not to do anything and stay isolated and wait for a different time. By no means am I saying risk your safety or the safety of others. I am saying that we need to take charge and be the bright spot in people’s lives. By a simple letter to a phone call, we can make all the difference to love ones and let them know how much God has given us and not fall victim to the idea that we are somewhat different for being in recovery during something everyone in the world is dealing with.

When I finally started to take my hardships and troubles out of my conversations with my loved ones, it was amazing how much they said they were seeing a whole new person. 

I lived my life before like I’m sure many of us have like it was always about me and what was happening in my life. So, as I am daily challenging myself, I will also offer up the challenge to anyone reading this. What will I bring to the table? Will I be the one bringing happiness and letting people see me in ways they had only hoped and that we had only dreamed of ourselves being? Or will I be that same old dead horse that will continue to breed negativity and not care for anyone but myself.

The best advice I got from an old timer once was “your sobriety is not for you.”

Short and sweet, but those words are forever in my mind. Since hearing that, I try and live out that short phrase. I have seen more promises come true in my life and I wish the same for anyone reading this.

Yours Truly,

Newell Bentley


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