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Working the Steps

Dec 30, 2021

Jerry Green | Recovery Services Manager

There has been a misconception for years in our fellowship concerning the working of the Steps. Many people say it takes years to get sick, and it will take you years to get well. But this is not true.

It is documented repeatedly in the Big Book (Page 263) and our other literature how the first people did this.

The man who started our fellowship in Chicago worked most of the Steps with Dr. Bob in an afternoon.

Bill Wilson worked the Steps in a matter of days. These facts are found throughout our early history.

One of the main reasons people stop doing the Steps is we let them “stew” in their juices. They turn inward, and the ego starts to rebuild. The people who go through the Steps quickly begin working with others as soon as possible, get sober and stay sober. The other ones don’t.

We have become so arrogant and self-important that we think if we take our time and dot every “i” and cross every “t,” we can earn a spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening is a gift from God, period. We don’t earn it; we don’t get it because we took more time than the other guy. We get it by having the humility to follow the simple directions laid out in the book.

Our program is not about believing the Steps will work.

It is not about desiring to do the Steps. It is first about clearing away the things that block us from God, such as the wreckage of our past, and then wholly surrendering to our Creator.

Recovering from this hideous disease is about doing what we don’t want to do when we don’t want to do it and reaping the blessings from it. What blessings? We get to go out and help God’s kids for free and for fun. We get to be of service to God and the people about us, and somehow amid all that, our lives change for the better and forever if we continue to seek and do His will daily.

So, if you hear someone say it takes years or even months to get through these Steps, consider not following that path.

Find that guy with a few weeks, months, or years who is living a happy, joyous, and free life, and do what he did.

My God is not on a timer today. I don’t have to spend years doing penance. I simply must seek Him. He will reveal Himself to me, and I will rocket into a dimension of existence far better than I have ever known.


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