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Understanding Meth Addiction

Jan 31, 2022

The physical transformation of meth users is well documented. It’s likely you’ve seen before and after photos of people who regularly use the drug. What may be unknown to you is how meth addiction affects how a person feels and thinks. Today, let’s talk about what someone who is in need of recovery from meth is experiencing.

A sense of euphoria can be a powerful draw for a meth user, but the potency of the drug can lead to both a physical addiction and a psychological dependence on it. Those addicted to meth may feel happiness can only be experienced while high. They will constantly need more of the drug to achieve the results of the first time they used it as tolerance builds quickly. A person with ongoing meth use may ignore the physical signs of their addiction and increase the use of risky and reckless behaviors. Treatment for meth addiction is recommended, including a medically-supervised detox to minimize the discomfort and complications of withdrawal.

6 Things You Should Know about a Meth Addiction

1. Meth users feel a sense of euphoria.

Someone with an addiction to meth feels an intense excitement after taking the drug. They’re feeling pleasure with a boost of energy and confidence. They may feel unstoppable.

2. Meth users feel happiness only comes from the drug.

Regular use of meth has slowed down the dopamine production in their brains. The result is feeling good won’t come naturally from the brain. Instead, it comes almost exclusively from drug use.

3. Meth users constantly need to use more to achieve the same results.

The most intense high from meth use starts at the beginning. Meth users quickly find they cannot duplicate that same feeling by taking the same amount of the drug the next time. In turn, they begin to use more and more meth to have the same good feeling it provided when they started.

4. Meth users feel sobriety is intolerable.

After spending time on meth, being sober feels like a big downward shift. Any time without the euphoric feeling has to be endured until they can use it againuse again. Withdrawal can add to the problems they experience, too. They may feel fatigued, paranoid, and confused. Other meth withdrawal symptoms include nausea, increased appetite, and severe depression. The onset of other feelings can make sobriety feel painful. They include sadness, worry, and stress.

5. Meth users can be aware of the changes to their bodies and ignore them.

People with a meth addiction can suffer from a variety of ailments and not respond to their physical needs for comfort or treatment. The list includes stomach cramps, dry mouth, and twitching. They may experience sweating, rapid breathing, and chills, too. A feeling of having bugs crawl on their skin can emerge. They may scratch or pick at their skin as a response to the crawling sensation.

6. Meth users lose their sense of danger and may increase risky behaviors.

People with a meth addiction aren’t self-aware and they lose any sense of judgment. It can result in engaging in risky and dangerous behaviors. They may attempt unsafe climbs, jumps, or other physical activities that could seriously injure them or someone else.


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