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The Season

Dec 2, 2021

By Jerry Green | Recovery Services Manager

The holiday season is upon us. For a struggling alcoholic or addict, this season can be especially hard. Not only does the guilt and shame of a life of taking, rather than giving, increase, so does our grandiose thinking.

We try to make up for our inability to stay sober in various ways.

We take on extra debt in vain attempts to buy our way back into our families’ lives. We make grandiose gestures that end up falling apart. These actions lead many people to relapse and the hideous four horsemen: Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, and Despair.

On multiple occasions, advertising and sentimental commercials bought and paid for my ill-conceived perceptions. I failed to realize that my family only wished for one thing: a sober and happy son, brother, husband, father, and grandfather.

Once I surrendered my regret to the 12-Steps, I found my real purpose in life.

I fit myself to be of maximum service. Things began to change. Not all at once, for this is about progress, not perfection. I took time to enjoy the holidays and our family traditions, which I had not recognized, much less appreciated.

This realization has caused the joy of the season to grow within me.

I began watching and learning how and what to give and experiencing the real love within my family, which completely changed my perception of the holiday season.

I believe the joy of the season permeates every race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, and economic scale because so many people are focused on giving, helping, and loving action.

For recovered alcoholics and addicts, these are the things the 12-Steps teach us and the principles we strive to live by daily during every season. For me, this makes the season much more meaningful.

I know that day today, when I surrender, God’s light not only shines on me but through me.

This fact creates joy in my life I want to share.

Here are the questions I ask myself: Am I sharing the hope and love in my life today? Am I reaching out to God’s kids who are still suffering today? Am I staying in the moment? Am I listening to others? Am I trying to fulfill their needs, or am I wrapped up in my selfishness, just wanting to make things perfect for myself and my family?

What a chance we have this season to make others smile and bring warmth and love to a suffering world. Let’s try not to waste it.


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