“Origins took care of me, mind, body, and spirit.”

Our team is proud to help patients and their families find healing and recovery in South Texas. Our alumni know that recovery from addiction, alcoholism, and mental health disorders is possible. From admission to discharge and beyond, we guide each man to discover his own unique story of hope. See what our alumni have to say below.

Landon D.

“Origins took care of me, mind, body, and spirit. I went there not knowing what to expect, thinking I was just going to get sober, that’s it. But it was so much better than that. It was a blessing and a second chance at life.  The staff there really care, and they take care of you during and after your stay. It was truly a life-changing experience for me. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with addiction and ready to find the solution.”

Chris V.

“I can not say enough about how life-changing my experience was at Origins. The immersion into the Big Book and the daily counseling groups made for a very well-rounded and informative stay on South Padre Island. From the recovery advocates to the aftercare specialists, this treatment center has it all!”

Frederick H.

“My time at Origins in Texas was second to none. Even on the toughest days, the entire staff was very uplifting and encouraging throughout the whole process. They just had a way of making something that seemed so difficult at first into a very enjoyable and spiritual experience. I can’t say enough about this very special time or explain the transformation they helped me with. I am truly grateful for every one of them. Thanks so much! I love you all!”

George B.

“Love the energy and the smaller setting for males away from distractions.” 

Brian H.

“Origins South Padre is an amazing facility. In my opinion probably the best in the nation. The staff that works there are truly some of the best people I’ve had the honor to be around! If I had gone anywhere else, I know my life wouldn’t be what it is today. I will always be indebted to Origins for helping me get my life back.”

Eric C.

“My experience at Origins Recovery Center saved my life. The medical staff, counselors, alumni coordinators, and recovery advocates all worked together to guide me through the 12-Steps and ensure my recovery.  It was an experience of a lifetime.”

Edward M.

“I felt a sense of purpose. I had reconnected with the idea that I have a lot to offer to this world. The attitudes and ideas that once governed my thought and behavior had mostly vanished. Origins gave me the tools to be a happy, sober man with integrity.” 

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