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May 5, 2022

Jerry Green | Recovery Services Manager

For me, spirituality is a set of actions. It has far more to do with the actions I take, rather than what I think, feel, or believe in any given moment.  

My thoughts are not always correct, especially my reactive thoughts.

When I react immediately without taking the action of pausing and asking for the right thought, then I am in danger of reacting in the wrong way. I have a disease called alcoholism and addiction. It is rooted in selfishness and self-centeredness. Therefore, my initial thoughts often cause me to react in a negative way.

My feelings are unreliable as well.

If I only participated in recovery when I felt like it, I would be missing a lot of the joy and peace that comes from this way of life. Unfortunately, I can’t wait on my feelings to change. Sometimes the only way I have found to feel good about doing something is when I go ahead and do it when I don’t feel like it.

My beliefs are not always constant.

They change over time. The beliefs I had when I got first got sober have been ever-changing. As I continue on this spiritual path, I am sure that they will continue to evolve. This is because I must stay open-minded. God teaches me more every day. Sometimes these lessons are painful. However, their value is undeniable.

What must rule my life is the Divine Spark, the conscience inside of me.

I believe this is the fundamental idea of God which the Big Book tells me lies deep within every man, woman, and child. The more I heed this small still voice within me, the louder the voice becomes until I intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle me. I don’t do this perfectly, but I do it persistently. That may be as close to perfection as I ever get. And that is enough.

I must also act as if every human being is a child of my Creator.

I must learn that from the very lowest of low to the highest of high, we are all God’s kids. Therefore, I must show love and tolerance to each and every one, whether I feel like it or not. Although the selfishness that is my disease wants to judge others and make false comparisons, I must not let it affect my actions.

This brings me back to the starting point; I often cannot control my thoughts.

But I can control my behavior. Fifty years from now, nothing will go down in the record books about what I thought, felt, or believed. All that will matter is the actions I have taken. When I help someone else and they in turn help another, it goes on and on. Like ripples on a lake after a rock is thrown in. It spreads and grows. These are the things that matter. These are eternal.


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