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Love = Action

Nov 7, 2022

Jerry Green, Recovery Services Manager

The drunk sipping out of his bottle behind the store, the homeless woman on the street corner, the hungry children in a run-down apartment parking lot, the addict detoxing in the jail cell, the significant other at home worrying themselves to death over a wandering mate, the businessman with all of the material things dying on the inside because he cannot stop drinking, the inmate in prison anguishing over their children, the hopeless children feeling abandoned by their father or mother, the crack head with the burning lips, the junkie with the tore up arms…

What am I doing to bring Hope to these people?

Am I carrying the clear message of recovery? Am I being of service? Am I donating money where I can? Am I donating time and energy? Am I lifting people up or judging them? Am I living a Power-Filled life?

Or am I living under the delusion of being powerful?

Am I so wrapped up in my things, my family, my little plans, and designs that I have no time for others? Does fear paralyze me to the point that I won’t act at all? Am I too busy, too good, or too important?

After all that God has given me, will I turn and give to another?

I am a recovered alcoholic and addict. Nothing in my life which is good belongs to me. It all belongs to my Higher Power. I have no pedestal from which I may judge others. I have not earned anything. I survive and thrive by God’s Grace. My happiness is made complete by helping someone else.

Alcoholics and addicts are dying needlessly around us by the thousands while we live our selfish and self-centered lives.

If each of us would only try to help one person, man or woman, parent or child, what a difference could be made? In some small way, with some bit of kindness, God could change our little piece of the world.

Helping one another in Love, this is what life is about.

If we give, we will find. If we help, we will be helped. If we love, we will be loved. We were created to be dependent on the Creator. If we ask Him in our morning meditation, He will show us what to do. If we ask Him how we can help, He will give us the opportunity to be of service.

This is how we grow, this is how we learn, and this is how we demonstrate God’s Power.

This is how we roll!

God bless you all,



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