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Life After Treatment: Healing the Family

Jul 29, 2020

One of the most difficult decisions you or a loved one can make is the decision to enter treatment. Because addiction is a disease that affects the whole family, it’s imperative to involve all family members from the time of admission. Unfortunately, the consequences of substance use can may surface long after returning home, which is why family support plays a vital role in the recovery journey.

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family. 

Consequences of substance use can wreak havoc on family dynamics, as well as cause stress to each family member’s emotional well-being. Family therapy during treatment offers a supportive group setting to learn about the disease of addiction and discover healthy ways to support each other. This safe environment also provides a space to practice new, more effective ways of communication as everyone heals. When family members begin to uncover the depth of the disease of addiction, they become more knowledgeable in ways to help rather than hinder their loved one’s recovery process.

It might take time to feel comfortable with one another again. 

After leaving a treatment program, the thought of having open and honest conversations may seem daunting as it isn’t uncommon for family members to feel anger and resentment. Leaving a safe and structured environment and returning home to those who were hurt by your addiction can be overwhelming. It’s crucial to remember that healing takes time. Continue to communicate with those you may have hurt during your active addition. If you are the loved one of someone with a substance use disorder, seek your own recovery outlet — such as a support group or individual therapy – as you face your own challenges. When the entire family is committed, recovery can become less intimidating.

Finding a support system is crucial to long-lasting sobriety.

Whether you are the person with a substance use disorder or their loved one, establish a support system. Family, friends and alumni groups are all critical in laying the foundation to long-lasting sobriety. Recovery from substance use is not something that should be done alone. Even after completing a treatment program, the early days of sobriety may feel isolating so surrounding yourself with others facing similar life circumstances will help during the first few months and well into your sobriety.

Understanding that addiction doesn’t just affect the individual but involves the entire family is a vital first step in the healing process. Recovery affects family members just as much as the person who is in recovery. Developing healthy ways to have open and honest conversations with those who you love will help pave the road to long-lasting sobriety.


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