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Just Do It

Feb 25, 2022

Jerry Green | Recovery Services Manager

Taking the actions “suggested” in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous work. Every time! If this is our experience, then why do so many of us fail to take them on a regular basis? It is because we either fail to “REALize” (becomes real to me) Step One, or we fail to remember our Step One experience.

When we are driven into the rooms or the treatment center, most of us are desperate.

We are willing to do anything to relieve the pain of this disease. We make a beginning, but as the pain begins to diminish, as we start to experience some success in different parts of our life, we start to think what a good job we have done.

The ego rebuilds, and we become convinced we now have the ability to run the show ourselves, to manage our own lives.

The moment we begin to believe we have the power, whether it happens after two weeks, two years, or twenty years does not matter. We begin to take back control, demand to have our own way, and the relapse has begun.

At first, it may look like common sense to us.

“I am very tired; I’ll just miss this commitment.” “I don’t really have to do my prayer and meditation today.” Small resentments grow, fear starts to impact our actions. Before we know it, we are blocked from this Power, we have begun to worship the things around us and not the Creator that provided them.

 The only way I have found to continue to have the Step one Experience is to work with other alcoholics and addicts.

It refreshes our Step One experience. Once again, I see the pain, the grief, and the remorse that this disease causes. But when I see the Light come on in their eyes, and I see the Hope their Step Two, and Three experience brings. When I hear the honesty in Step Four and again experience the humility and courage of Step Five, then I am reminded beyond a shadow of a doubt of the Power of this program and the Power that lives inside of me.

 I was as recovered on week 3 of this deal as I am today!

God removed the obsession to drink and use! But I am not cured! The book is very clear on this. I must help other people. I must go out every day and help God’s kids for free and for fun.

It doesn’t matter how I feel, what I think, or what I believe. What matters is that I get off of my self-centered butt and take some action. So, I leave you with the question my sponsor asks me. Where are you at with a bottle of vodka or a shot of dope today?




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