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Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab: 7 Questions to Ask

Jan 27, 2020

Your success in recovery will depend on many variables, and it begins with choosing a rehab program that’s most aligned with the kind of treatment you need. When asking yourself if you would benefit most from an inpatient or an outpatient program, it’s helpful to consider some important topics in making your decision. Let’s take a look at seven questions to ask as you get started in your search for treatment.

Choosing between an inpatient program and an outpatient program for rehab requires an informed approach to your own addiction. The success you achieve will be connected to the level of services and support you’re provided in the option you choose. People with more severe addictions who require ongoing medical care and benefit from a break from daily routines where they tend to relapse will see the value in choosing an inpatient program, while people with mild addictions who can continue to function in their daily lives with regular support as well as individual and group counseling may choose an outpatient program.

Question 1: How severe is my addiction?

Inpatient: I am unable to function regularly due to my addictions. My addictions have cost me relationships and jobs. I have relapsed numerous times.

Outpatient: I can see how my addiction is causing some harm in my life. I can tell my addiction is noticed by others, even when they don’t say anything about it.

Question 2: How does my daily routine affect my substance abuse?

Inpatient: My daily routine is abusing alcohol and drugs with consistent access to them. My friends and family don’t support my attempts at recovery. Or worse, they enable me to misuse drugs and alcohol more often.

Outpatient: My daily routine is occasionally disrupted by binging alcohol or misusing drugs.

Question 3: What kind of support will I have during recovery?

Inpatient: I will have the support of an entire team of people dedicated to my recovery as well as other people in recovery at the same time.

Outpatient: My friends and family are willing to help support my recovery, even giving me rides to my program when I need them.

Question 4: Will I need medical care during rehab?

Inpatient: I know I will need to detox and the withdrawal symptoms will be very tough. Also, I have a few conditions from drug abuse that need medical attention, including high blood pressure and liver disease.

Outpatient: I can detox at my local hospital and see my doctor as needed for any withdrawal symptoms.

Question 5: How long can I expect to stay in a rehab program?

Inpatient: I expect to stay in my rehab program from a month to six months with my sole focus on recovery.

Outpatient: I expect to participate in my rehab program for as much as a year while continuing my life and work outside of rehab.

Question 6: What kind of rehab can I afford?

Inpatient: I know inpatient rehab tends to cost more and I am prepared for covering that cost while I am not able to work.

Outpatient: I know outpatient rehab is more affordable, and I determined I can afford to pay for it to get the recovery help I need.

Question 7: What does my insurance cover for rehab?

Inpatient: The admissions specialist at the treatment center I chose helped me confirm my insurance coverage and offered some other funding options for me to consider.

Outpatient: I checked with my insurance provider to see what my plan covers for my outpatient program, and the treatment center I chose accepts my insurance.


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