Beaten, Broken, Restored

Jun 5, 2021

By Origins Recovery Center Alumni, Matt R.

In March 2020, I received the opportunity to get sober and have a second chance at life through Origins. Before arriving at treatment in South Padre Island, TX, I had hit yet another rock bottom in a series of many that had plagued me throughout my time in active alcoholism. Whether I was drinking vodka or taking drugs, I had always tried to do things my way. Despite everything around me crumbling, such as jobs, friendships, and relationships, I still did not want to admit I was an addict.

I tried to address my problems through another pill or drink.

I had not been comfortable in my skin since I was a child. I had suffered from anxiety and panic attacks throughout my life, but my use of alcohol as a solution made these conditions worse.

When I arrived at Origins, I was beaten and broken.

I initially assumed that, once again, nothing would work for me. I was closed off to suggestions from others and planned on leaving after detox. I believed I was one of those “unfortunates” they talk about in the Big Book who cannot give themselves over to the spiritual way of life. Luckily, the entire staff at Origins made it very difficult for me to leave and talked me into working the 12-Steps for the first time.

Things began to change for me once I began to take action in the 12-Steps.

I began to see hope in this process and that I had a third option besides using or being a dry drunk. The key was admitting that I was powerlessly operating under my self-will. By accepting I was powerless, I gained power because I put my faith in something greater than myself. What started like two weeks of trying to leave changed into a 60-day spiritual journey that taught me I could be happy and live sober.

I began to see God in those around me.

I completed the Fifth Step, which allowed me to see my fault in the many resentments I had built up over years of drinking. The entire residential staff (especially Newell) The Big Book lectures with Joe and Chad, therapy with Bob, the cooking staff, and my fellow patients all played a significant role in saving my life. After leaving Origins, I came to sober living in Austin, TX, where I continue to work the Steps and apply the principles I learned at Origins. I also stay connected to my Higher Power.

By the grace of God, I reached the goal of one year sober in March 2021.

Things won’t always be easy, but my life is so much better than it was just a year ago. Origins gave me another chance to rebuild my life, friendships, family relationships, and career. My world has only gotten bigger since getting sober, and by staying the course and continuing to grow spiritually, I have great hope for what the future holds.


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