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Jan 26, 2023

Jerry Green | Recovery Services Manager

Acting my way into a conscious awareness of the presence of my Creator seemed to me, at first, to be not only hypocritical but also just about the stupidest thing I had ever heard. But I had no choice. I was beaten down by alcohol, and my options were all gone. I did not have a plan left.

I had been through the First Step.

After that, I knew I had no controlno choice, and no power. All I had was an old, recovered alcoholic telling me to get on my knees and do the Third Step prayer with him. I didn’t want to. I didn’t believe it would work, and I sure didn’t feel like doing it.

But I did it anyway.

It felt like it didn’t change a thing, and I didn’t believe anything was different. He told me to say the prayer every morning on my knees. I thought it was stupid, and I told him so. He told me to take the book down, open it to page 63 and read it to the wall – just do it. So, I did. Now, nowhere in the book does it say to do this daily. However, it was a promise to my sponsor, so it’s something I still do.

I also took other actions he told me to take; inventories, lists, amends, and the like.

Something happened in the midst of doing all those things I didn’t want to do. I became aware that the obsession to drink and use was gone. And I became aware of something else: the conscious presence of my Creator.

My life has been changed completely and forever by simply taking actions I didn’t want to take.

Not because I am special but because God is.

So, if you don’t feel joyful and thankful, then try acting joyful and thankful, and you will be soon enough. If your fears and worries are crowding peace and serenity out of your life, then act like your God is big enough to handle anything. He is!

All we really need is to heed that spark of the Divine in each of us.

It will burst into a flame that will keep you warm and fulfilled amid the wildest storm. But, more importantly, it will spread to the people you seek to help and heal them as well.

This is my hope and prayer for all of you, my friends, that you humble yourself before your Creator and acknowledge that without Him, you are nothing. That simple act of humility will give Him room to work in your heart and mind and accomplish for you what you cannot do for yourself; Peace and Grace.


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